(The disease that is caused by SARS-CoV2)
Data Analysis, Data Assessment & Review, June 9th, 2020.

Prof. Dr. Martin ZIZI, Dr. Giuseppe TRITTO, Dr. Andreas HIEKE, Dr. Kaarle PARIKKA, Dr. Patrick FRANSEN

Mr. Olivier YOUNES, Mr Frederic PONCELET, Mr Alaric BREITHOF, Mr. L. M (name withheld by request)

Full Analytic Report

Download full reportDownload Full Analytic Report - This will download the integral text (50 pages). This report contains various parts, written for a general audience, but it is also digging deeper and deeper into details with each subsequent part and, and ends up with active links to the actual technical or scientific papers supporting the analysis. This multi-layered communication will allow the curious reader, the various persons - regardless of their background and their technical level - to further educate themselves, in order to be able to make sense (or not) of a bizarre situation. It is our intent to further the spread of data and information in order for the citizens to regain some trust and control over their lives.

Download by whom and whyDownload By Whom and Why? -The authors of this report are all scientists, all with quite ‘broad’ experiences. They have been surprised quite often by what they could hear and read as reported. While we perfectly understand that large scale communication does not need the precision of scientific communication, the authors strongly feel that good public health decisions need accurate information. Medicine and Public Health should not be based on models alone, but on the evidence and the reality of situations. For example, "Flattening a curve" does not make sense if the General Practitioners are scared into NOT seeing patients. This would be a direct contradiction.

Download executive summaryDownload Executive Summary - While our report is wide and deep, this executive summary list a “:call for action”. What is IMMEDIATELY needed. A correct statistical analysis - do-able in a couple of weeks with serological testings - including the numbers for the infected but non sick people. We can understand that In January/February tis was not done, but we are now 6 month later…

Download part 1 - forewordDownload Part 1 - Foreword - Part 1 - A Foreword about the whole situation.

Download part 2Download Part 2 - Communication for all of us - A simplified explanation of what is happening, not happening and might need to happen. Essentially, most victimes are succumbing to complications. It is the course of the disease that brings people in the danger zone, not the virus. This means that FAST treatments are key to resolving the pandemic. In 1918, with the Spanish flu there were many victims, but we had no penicillin back then… now we do actually!

Download part 1 - forward Download Part 3 - SEE TECH NOTES

Download Part-4-Propositions-for-Local-Responses.pdfDownload Part 4 - Propositions for Local Responses -Such a global problem, requires both local and global responses. Here we list - without trying to be exhaustive or fully correct - what could be part of local actions. This part is meant to get some in-deep conversations started.

Download Part-5-&-6-Propositions-for-Global-Responses-and-Additional-Reflections.pdfDownload Part 5 & 6 - This part highlights some deep-cutting principles that could repair, and sustain a global response to not only THIS SARS-2 crisis but any subsequent one. SARS family of viruses is a pretty beginning one, that is not directly killing humans, other viruses and plagues are more lethal. A good environmental monitoring, and understanding that Public Health is measured by social determinants guide our proposals.

Technical Notes

These 9 technical notes aim at vulgarizing various deeper scientific and/or technical aspects of the crisis. They were not meant, nor written for the scientists, but for the curious minds, at various levels. We present apologies if those notes are still a bit “too technical” , we tried our best to educate in the broadest way possible. Those notes supports and explains the rest of our report. Each of those notes, also gives a list of key references (scientific papers or news/communications). All those references are hyperlinks and each and every full original text is accessible by clicking on the reference. The reader can thus easily verify what is written in the report.
Download tech notes 1Download Tech Note 1 - Common Cold and Flu Viruses
Download tech notes 2Download Tech Note 2 - These viruses mutate very frequently
Download tech notes 3Download Tech Note 3 - Most deaths are from BACTERIAL Pneumonia
Download tech notes 4Download Tech Note 4 - Some Patients degrade FAST
Download tech notes 5Download Tech Note 5 - Vaccines and Herd Immunity work TOGETHER
Download tech notes 6Download Tech Note 6 - SARS is Airborne
Download tech notes 7Download Tech Note 7 - Virus shared with many animals
Download tech notes 8Download Tech Note 8 - Masks, like initially said, are good at blocking droplets, not at catching particles.
Download tech notes 9Download Tech Note 9 - WE need TRUE mortality rates

"Thinking before Acting, even if you are the only one”-Gary Larson

The authors hope that the readers will make the best use of the reported information. We feel that Democracy needs a well-informed citizenry, we do not want to criticize the experts and the various authorities that did their best - in foggy situations - but we feel that now, the time has arrived for some correcting actions. We sincerely hope that all people will move away from the political polarization in good faith and get back to good common sense. Public Health is a Public Good, and should never be held hostage of political posturing.